The following Terms and Conditions apply to our publication.

  1. Advertiser agrees to pay BNM the set sum of money as noted in Advertisings Rates and BNM agrees to publish Advertiser’s Insertions, provided such Insertions are in compliance this Agreement.
  2. There is no cash discount.
  3. This Agreement covers all issues as selected by Advertiser in the Insertion section of this agreement and will not extend beyond 12 consecutive Issues. If longer than 12 consecutive issues are needed, a second agreement for the additional months will need to be completed. Doing this, will not disrupt your frequency discount.
  4. Although every effort is made to accommodate special placement requests, the publisher reserves the right to determine final ad placement. If special placement is not possible, special placement rates will not apply.
  5. Rates protected upon acceptance of agreement by Advertising Manager.
  6. Frequency discounts only apply if you continue to place advertisement every month.
  7. A first time Advertiser agrees that all required payments in connection with a single insertion in an issue are due in full, with the acceptance of this Agreement.
  8. For multiple insertions in more than one issue, Advertiser agrees to pay the equivalent cost of the first insertion with acceptance of this Agreement, and then will be billed for any remaining insertions at the time of issue publication.
  9. Invoices are sent out upon receiving this agreement. If you have elected to multiple insertions, then the first invoice will go out upon receiving this agreement and the remainder will go out no later than the first of each month.
  10. Advertisers and Advertising Agent (ad agency) are jointly responsible for payments of all ads.
  11. Payment is due by the invoice due date. If such amount is not paid when due, BNM may charge a late fee. If payment is not received within 90 days of the invoice date, BNM is authorized to hold all insertions without any liability until the outstanding amount has been paid, at which time BNM has the option to resume publication of insertions and require prepayment of all future Insertions. BNM reserves the right to cancel this Agreement without notice and without liability for nonpayment by Advertiser.
  12. A $30 late fee may be assessed for any ad materials received five or more calendar days after the deadline. New agreements WILL NOT be accepted ten or more calendar days after the ad agreement due date for that issue, those agreements received ten or more calendar dates after their due date, will be for the following month. (e.g., if you are wanting to place an ad in our Jan-March issue, then your due date for your agreement is November 25th and for the ad material is December 1st. If your agreement is received December 4th or later, it may not be accepted for the Jan issue).
  13. To support publication schedule integrity, BNM will use previous ad content when updated content has not been submitted in time to support the production schedule.
  14. This Agreement may be canceled by advertiser or publisher at any time with written notice on or before the Ad Materials Deadline. Written notice can be through the post (give 7-10 business days for mail travel) or sent through e-mail.
  15. Any advertiser canceling an ad after the Ad Materials deadline must pay 1/2 of the total cost of the canceled ad (see #16 exception).
  16. This Agreement may be cancelled by either party at any time for any reason upon providing prior notice to the other party, to be effective ten (10) days after mailing. If cancellation is received by BNM on or before the Material Due Deadline/Closing date, the cancellation will be honored. If cancellation is received after the Material Due Deadline/Closing date, the cancellation will take effect upon the next Insertion. An Advertiser which cancels this Agreement before placement of enough Insertions to quality for the rate as set in Specifications and Rates will be charged additional amount equal to the difference between the Agreement rate and the rate earned.
  17. Cancellations received on or after the 5th of the month preceding the ad insertion month will not be accepted. The cancellation will go in affect for the next month’s insertion.
  18. An Advertiser who cancels their Agreement before placement of enough Insertions to quality for the frequency rate agreed upon will be charged the difference for the rate to cover the cost it would have been with a different frequency. (e.g., if advertiser signs agreement for a 3x+ frequency and cancels after the 2nd insert, their rate will be prorated and charged the addition cost as if they were at the 1x frequency rates). This also includes when cancelled due to failure of payment.
  19. Advertiser agrees to assume all responsibility and liability for any Insertion published by BNM on behalf of Advertiser and the Advertiser holds harmless BNM from any and all claims for such Insertions including, but not limited to, tort, copyright, photographic, trademark actions and errors in copy.
  20. BNM is not liable for delays in delivery or non-delivery of publication with Advertiser’s Insertion in the event of an act of God, transportation interruption, work slowdown, or any events which are beyond the control of BNM
  21. In lieu of Refusal of Insertion and, at BNM’s sole discretion, the word “Advertisement” may be added so that it is conspicuously displayed.
  22. BNM reserves the right to refuse any advertisement Insertion including, but not limited to, these:
    1. Not in compliance with this Agreement;
    2. Considered to be illegal;
      If an advertisement insertion is refused, BNM may substitute, without notice, the last advertisement insertion of Advertiser unless acceptable replacement material is received by BNM no later than the 10th day of the month prior to issue.