Advertising Materials Guidelines
The following guidelines apply to publication:

Send all ad files to:
Repeated advertising:
To-rerun an advertisement previously run in Barking News Magazine, do not resend the ad file. Specify the magazine issue from which the ad should be re-run and provide the headline to allow our confirmation.

Preferred delivery: We prefer receiving actual files by email. We can accept files via file transfer sites; however, the link must be valid through the insertion date of the magazine in which the ad runs.


Magazine Format
This publication is 8.5” x 11” and is saddle stitched.

File Format
Submit a Press Quality PDF with these specifications. See page Creating a Press Quality PDF for instructions on Creating a Press Quality PDF
(The following alternate formats may be accepted upon approval: JPEG, PNG, and AI)

  • Make the document size the exact size of the ad.
  • Be sure to include bleed for Full Page Bleed ads (does not apply to any other sizes).
  • Do not place non-printing marks inside the bleed area (9 pt/0.125” on all sides).
  • Use the Press Quality setting (or Illustrator Default) when creating the file.
  • Make sure that your continuous-tone bitmaps do not get down sampled below 300dpi or your monochrome bitmaps below 1200dpi.
  • Make sure all fonts embed correctly.
  • BNM is not responsible for designing Advertisers ads.

Ad File Size
Make your document size equal to the ad space you are reserving instead of an oversize sheet with crop marks (e.g., if you’re reserving a ½-page horizontal ad space, create a document size of 7.625 x 4.875 inches). Check the Ad Sizes page for guidance on each ad size.


Full Page Ads: Special Instructions
Please use the following for Full-Page advertisement.

Full Page Without Bleed: If the Full-Page ad is not designed to bleed to the edge of the magazine (when printed it will have a boarder of white space around), make the document size 7.5” x 10”. Do not extend any text or graphic beyond the 7.5” x 10” area.

Full Page Bleed: For art to extend to the edge of the printed page, the art must extend 0.125” on each side beyond the 8.5” x 11” area. For example, for a black background to extend to the edge, the black frame must equal 8.75” x 11.25” (extending 0.125” beyond each side of the 8.5” x 11” area). The additional 0.125” on each side must be included in the PDF. If the ad is set up as described here, we prefer that you do not include any crop marks (or other file info.)

Text and Art Placement: For a Full-Page Bleed Ad, constrain all text and graphic elements that should be visible to the 7.75” x 10.5” area in the center of the document. If these elements extend beyond those dimensions, they could be obscured based on ad page placement in the magazine and the magazine size.